Lion Digital is a full-service website design agency.

With a love of all things digital, we create experiences and destinations that help brands nurture and grow their communities, and enable them to connect with their audience.

Delivering a range of services that cover everything from web creative and build to apps for mobile and Facebook, we are recognised as one of the UK’s leading WordPress agencies (we’ve built some of the UK’s biggest websites using it).  We don’t like to boast, but our interdisciplinary team is packed full of talent, with some of London’s finest creatives, technologists, illustrators, thinkers and digital marketeers.

Founded in 2006 and head-quartered in Central London, Lion Digital is part of Mediablaze Group, a privately owned content marketing agency for the social age.

Our clients include Tesco, Everyone Active, Jantastic, Carphone Warehouse, ESET, IPC Media, Merrell, Pioneer, LG and British Triathlon Federation.

Part of  mediablaze

  • User Experience

    User experience and insight go hand in hand. It's more than just creating stuff that WE think is awesome, although that really matters to us. User Experience is about how users FEEL about what they are using.

    Our job is to perform a balancing act between what looks great, what works well, what our clients want and most importantly what gives the user what they want. If the purpose is to drive sales then we want it to stimulate the shopping gland. It's as simple as that.

    • User centric design
    • One size does not fit all
    • A/B testing
    • Wireframe layouts first
    • Prototype
    • Profile users
    • Create user journeys
  • Design

    What makes good design?  First and foremost we identify the purpose, so the team understand what you are aiming to achieve and are fully aware of the end goal. Every page must clearly communicate your message and present information in an organised, user friendly way, taking each customer on a beautiful journey, irrespective of the device they are using – be that desktop, tablet or mobile.

    It’s about creating something functional and beautiful that's easy on the eye.

    • Interaction design & architecture
    • Technology requirements
    • Device agnostic - desktop, tablet & mobile
    • Customer journey modelling
    • User experience
    • Clear communication of brand & message
    • Prototyping & proof of concepts
  • Development

    We're passionate about technology. As one of the UK's leading Wordpress agencies we realise the importance of content managed systems that evolve with technology trends, are easy to use, widely understood and scalable. We use cloud based hosting solutions to provide easily scalable platforms that can respond quickly to spikes in traffic. Our development, test and live environments are managed using sub-versioning software and we take pride in our ability to deploy digital solutions across a range of devices.

    • CSS3
    • HTML5
    • WordPress CMS
    • Rally
    • PHP5
    • MySQL
    • Beanstalk SVN (subversioning)
    • Mobile optimised
  • Content

    We are experts in the art of storytelling – we help brands tell stories that people want to share, and create strategies that improve engagement and product sales to deliver commercial advantage.  But for content to truly motivate consumers to respond and share requires engaging narratives and a consistent, credible tone of voice.

    Put simply, content needs to be at the heart of everything you do – creating a platform with the right content will attract the right audience.

    • Content strategy & editorial thinking
    • A clear tone of voice
    • Brand engagement
    • Drive product sales & commercial advantage
    • Narrative that follows your passion
    • Entertainment & creative
    • Turn consumers into fans
  • Social Media

    Still an emerging and ever-growing medium, investment and management of social media can be a real challenge for many brands.  There’s a host of channels to choose from – Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest to name a few.

    In addition, all channels have their own unique features.  They need a consistent tone of voice from a communications perspective, and the engine must be fed with engaging content that is on brand and on message, to encourage active participation in the form of likes, shares, follows and views.

    Many of the projects we deliver seamlessly integrate with social media platforms allowing users to easily identify themselves but at the same time share content quickly and easily.


    • Social media strategy
    • Social logins
    • Drive active participation
    • Distribution channels
    • Amplify & sign post
    • Ongoing management
    • Encourage sharing
    • Paid for social visibility
  • Search Marketing

    Not every project identifies search marketing as a key priority, but at Lion we believe it's an integral part of every build and Wordpress remains our platform of choice.

    Our in-house specialists can help you achieve optimal visibility through both natural and paid search engine marketing activity to increase online visibility and drive revenue - it's an ongoing process that happens both on and off site.



    • Organic natural search engine marketing (SEO)
    • Paid search campaigns (PPC)
    • On-page optimisation
    • Leveraging social
    • Inbound strategy and execution
    • Use of CMS tools like Yoast
  • Insight

    Many of the projects we deliver are living, breathing sites that are targeted on engagement and focused on turning consumers into fans. The process of improvement and refinement starts at go live.

    Insight is about using real time software tools to visualise where users interact with pages. Gathering valuable insight into what works and where.These tools enable us to cost effectively track conversations and understand what’s trending, plus monitor levels of engagement and capture consumer behaviour data that our team of developers, digital marketeers and creatives interpret to create an optimal customer experience.

    In short, our strategic approach empowers us to be informed before we make any recommendations for you.

    • Marketing analytics
    • Data analysis
    • A/B Testing
    • Scroll map reports
    • Heat mapping
    • Customer journey mapping
    • User engagement
    • Demographic influence
    • Establish the right connections

Who We Work for

  • Rachael MartinelliMarketing Specialist

    “Merrell is prioritizing content as a way for us to engage with our customers. We partnered with Mediablaze to create a platform of content that inspires and enables others to hit the trail and join our Pack. Over the past 12 months we’ve built a fantastic relationship, not only is there real synergy with our brand, Mediablaze truly understand how to engage and entertain our customers through great storytelling.”

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  • Ranson BurketteSenior PR Manager

    “Lion Digital have created an unbelievable experience and a true 'next generation' website.”

    > View Case Study

  • Dave CottrellDigital Marketing Manager, LG UK

    “Smashing engagement records on a weekly basis.  And creatively just excellent."

  • John and DeborahUK Sales Team

    “I have worked here for 10 years and this is best tool I have ever seen come out of marketing”.

    “This puts us well ahead of the competition, I can go to calls with confidence and be viewed as a professional in the industry”.

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  • Martin YellingFounder

    We've absolutely smashed our target of 15,000 signups.  You guys rock.

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  • Matt McGhieDirector of Marketing & Communications

    “As we were building a brand in the UK, Lion Digital were able to successfully balance our US presence with the nuances of the UK market and deliver creative that was spot on for our customers.”

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Our Approach

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